A Little about our path to where we are now

My Name is Marc Norton, I am the owner and host for Speedy Trivia, I have been in the entertainment business for the last 10 years on and off and take great pleasure in making your experience one you will want to come back to do again time and time again.

I have started out as DJ in a pub I was manager of the time, which progressed into me hosting the weekly quiz, I had a stint abroad in the Canary Islands working for a travel company, on my return to the UK I decided to get back into the entertainment industry, Starting back out with the DJ side of things I wanted to move my passion into a full time career, with quizzing being a large part of my growing up, I took it upon myself to find pubs and clubs which were looking for the weekly entertainment provided by a quiz, this progressed into the speedquizzing due to the frustrations that the easy access to internet search engines caused with cheating involved and the flawless way that speedquizzing cuts this out made it a no brainer. I moved into working with a company and thoroughly enjoyed my time perfecting my skills engaging and growing venues to make successful weekly nights.

Having hosted 100's of quizzes, I felt it was time to take the jump and move into working for myself, hence, Speedy Trivia Quiz Nights, came about.

I hope you enjoy every visit you choose to take with us here and if there is anything you feel we can improve please do contact us via this website and I will look into it.

Happy Quizzing

Speedy Trivia

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